I am looking for a payment gateway that can accept and disburse payments globally for my marketplace. Can anyone suggest a global partner who operate in India. Checked with Stripe and they are doing some pilot with selected users now and not ready for India market yet. Below are my criteria, any suggestions would be highly appreciated. 1. Accept and disburse payments in max countries. 2. Ability to accept payment from 1 client and split disbursement to 2 parties. (commission payouts) 3. Operates in India since business is registered here. 4. Low fees and hidden charges 5. Has the option to send link for payments and invoices 6. Can also be integrated with marketplace build on Ruby on Rails. Thank you! Best, Nitin

Hi Nitin,

I may suggest a few ones that I have been working with and that operates globally:
- Ayden

The main drawback is they focus usually on big businesses so fees may not be appealing to everyone.

Have you also tried with PayPal?

Answered 2 years ago

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