The blog exists for inbound marketing purposes but also covers other topics under the travel umbrella - hotel/sights etc. Do you get to charge ad rates if it's not main media business? Ad charges as in for promoting posts/social media/newsletter pushout

Plenty of other sites do it, so you should too.

One way to see if your site/magazine is ready is by putting together a media kit (some examples: It is a professional way of touting your reach (impressions, unique visitors, etc.), putting together potential advertising packages, and showing your proactiveness. Many blogs aren't prepared when the first advertiser reaches out and can subsequently undervalue their media spaces because they haven't done the research yet.

Once you do that, add a page (e.g. "Advertise") to your site. It can be in your main nav or as a subpage to "Contact Us".

Some things to keep in mind:

- Social posts should include a "paid promotion" reference or "#ad". If it's on your site, you'll need a disclaimer about paid ads and affiliate links. Those are best above the fold of your site. Otherwise, you can get fined by the FTC for not disclosing that you're getting paid for your recommendation. You can email me at and I'll send you some free disclaimer examples.

- You should only work with advertisers you would endorse regardless of pay or free products. No one, especially your audience, likes feeling duped.

- If something goes wrong, either directly with your partnership or allegations against the company surface, be honest with your audience. Write to them about how you -- with the best information you had at the time -- partnered with the company but can no longer do so in good faith. Remind them that you only endorse products that you have or would use. Then apologize to your audience for any wrong it caused and direct them to resources if people were injured.

Best of luck!
Jessica Ma

Answered 5 months ago

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