A client of mine gave really valuable input to me a while ago. For 9 - 10 months, he tried to grow his business by using everything that you need to use... all the digital channels, all the tools, etc. And it didn't work. He didn't have a job, he went broke and was living off his partner.

One day, he had a realisation. What do I need to do today to make one sale from one customer? He figured out how to target and made the sale. Then he did it again. And again. Until his business started growing and he could afford to spend time on all the marketing channels and building what he really dreamed of.

Of course, there are other parts to this. A solid strategy, knowing how, when and where to target and finding your niche in the noise are some of many elements you want to look at. When you put a strategy first, then target second, then you build a success formula.

I can help you get that breakthrough! :)

Answered a year ago

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