After researching the topic I got an impression that featuring a product on a stream or instagram is more powerful than ads on youttube and instagram. Is it true? In tha case it looks like that more and more companies should start allocation most of the marketing money towards accessing the customers via the social media channel and the influencers. Would be happy to read some good article and analytics on this topic.

Streaming is still a new, and quite unexploited, marketing channel within the broad social media marketing. Having worked within global brands, we have still not invested much on streaming, rather than testing some of those features. One of the reason for lower investment on streaming is still the lack of a trustable analytics framework to measure this performance. Every marketer is fully aware of the potential of video content and the relevance of "on-the-spot" content, however, solid marketing analytics frameworks for in-streaming media need still to be widely used. Nevertheless, my advice is definitely to test those formats having clear in mind how those would impact on our clients' journeys.

Answered a year ago

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