I'm having an account in Instagram and I need to get more followers for all my shared posts. Are hashtags help to solve this query?

Yes, you should use hashtags to solve the query. But, it also means finding the right hashtags to use. Here's some things to look for with hashtags and some other ideas for growing your following:

1. Find trending hashtags. If a hashtag is only used 100 times, it will be difficult to "get into the mix." Find popular and trending hashtags to add into.

2. Don't use one word hashtags that everyone else is using. Phrases as well as specific to your topic are better to get responses. Remember that what you use as hashtags appears in results and will get noticeability depending on your focused topic, meaning you need to have relevant information to your brand and images.

3. Engagement. Participate in others conversations and use hashtags. Even if you aren't following someone, engage with their pictures and use hashtags. This will drive more engagement to your profile then back to your Instagram account.

4. Use longer descriptions. Hashtags are great. They are even better when you write more as a caption for your picture. These also serve as a keyword base to help followers find you.

5. Brand. I suggest looking at some of the top influencers and looking at what they are doing. You will notice that their pictures are all the same color, tone and with similar content. Someone will follow you if you add value to their scroll. Make sure you stick out from the crowd.

There's always more to do with Instagram. :) It's an incredibly powerful tool and it builds your recognition in ways that other social accounts can't. Be consistent with your posts and you will get the followers you want.

Have more questions? I'm happy to help! Contact me if you would like more info.

Answered 4 years ago

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