I own a specialized industrial equipment manufacturing company which I started 20+ years ago and has done quite well. Our sales and growth have stagnated over the past few years primarily which I think is due to : #1. Being 'home-grown', we have lacked professional marketing/sales and have primarily depended on referrals, online (Google etc.) marketing & a few print ads in trade magazines. #2. Over the past few years I have spent lesser and lesser time at the company with zero efforts towards new marketing channels etc. Recently we were approached by a very talented individual who operates (CEO) a similar but unrelated niche manufacturing company. I believe he could take our company to the next level as he has done at his existing company. Of course no guarantees but I am willing to set aside the considerable cost associated with this endeavor for a year or longer, assuming I see some ROI within a year. Which brings me the to the question above!

I had in my business life several cases when my supervisor being neglectful, caused my inferiors to know my salary. It was more than 3 times, happened to me. In one case my relations with my colleague were so destroyed, those problems continued for 2 years and finally, we split. So, I know how important is to keep the salary level in the drawer, but not shown to the public. If not possible to make accounting silent on the matter, maybe you can outsource his payroll to another company and just pay commission for that service, to that company.

Answered 4 months ago

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