Hi All: We need some feedback on an online course we want to create. Did you study Spanish for "10 years" through High School and University to then freak out when a spanish-speaking person approaches you and says "Como estas?" Basically, we want to create this online course for business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, sales agents, and marketers to learn USABLE Spanish that could give them the competitive edge in the workplace. On top of learning keywords & phrases in Spanish, the course will teach you about the Latin American consumer, their spending habits, their interests and provide insight on their motivations, culture and values. We think this could be greatly beneficial to businesses that haven't quite tapped into the Latin American market with their product or service. Or for example, a Realtor or Sales Agent who wants to gain an edge over their bilingual co-worker. We aren't guaranteeing fluency with the course, but we are guaranteeing the skills and insight to completely charm a prospective Latin American client to buy into your product or service. All of the online course information you can find here: Any feedback is appreciated! Would you benefit from an online course like this? If so, what field of work are you in? If you won't benefit, do you know someone who would? What work do they do? THANK YOU!

I think you are missing the market research step. You need to ask the people that you would be targeting, because at the moment, I'm unsure why someone would use your product, over say using a platform where they can hire an online tutor and learn from them, or use Rosetta for example. I get that you have the learn about Latin Culture component, but are potential clients really falling over themselves to learn more more about this market, that they would pay for it, especially when google is so helpful.

Also, freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners etc is a pretty large group, maybe start with narrowing that down, then asking them directly, if it would be something they want to buy, or you could also test the idea using something like Udemy.

If you need any further help with this, feel free to book a call with me!

Answered a year ago

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