I'm looking for a business partner that could work only on commissions based and would know how much would be a fair commission. I'm looking for an HR partner that could take care of relationships with clients, find new prospects, and set up the recruitment process.

Since you are looking for a business partner who will work on commissions basis, these are the things you should for:

1. Experience: the individual should have an extensive experience in working without a fixed salary. He or she should be someone who has worked for commissions or profits share before. A newbie who is used to to a fixed salary may find it hard to adapt especially during times where business prospects will be hard to find.

2. A 'business bagger': A 'business bagger' is a person who is willing to bring 1 or more clients to you while joining you on board. Many law firms use that method before hiring a partner, they request that a new partner brings in one or few clients from his/her past work relationship.

You may be asking yourself: 'if he/she can bring clients to me from day one, why then does he/she not work from himself/herself?'

The reason why a 'business bagger' would join you is simply because they would receive from you a platform from which they will operate easily and profitably. They do not have that platform but you should (must) have it in order to attract the BEST HR partner.
What do I mean by platform?
A platform could be a great and reputable company name, or a comfortable office.....

3. HUMAN Management experience: Don't hire a partner who has never led people. Your preferred partner should have managed and led people before joining you.

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Answered 3 months ago

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