I have heard radio interviews and seen very successful social crowdraising campaigns, that raise their money and go onto become multi-million dollar companies, spoke with an entrepreneur who had 15 million to start for his business. While others struggle for years, or churning out idea after idea, or sit with $0 on gofundme or indiegogo. Is it luck? Talent, is it chance, a phase of astrology, is it the people you know, your credit score or earnings, the family you were born into, energy blocks. Is it neural pathways, is it if you nap like Einstein did? What is it?? I have pondered this for years. It is very hard to raise seed money. Yet some people know how to do it so well!

This question has generated such interesting discussion (I love it when Clarity members answer by consciously building on each other's replies). I've been watching founders launch and raise and fail to raise and fail and launch again for over three decades in every ecosystem from publishing to VC. I'm going to share this from my experience: What if those stories of raising and launching that look successful from the outside or seemed to be easy were actually just very well orchestrated announcements of what was years of hard work and much failure? Because that is very often the case: Those of us who are not in the sausage factory while the sausage is being made only get to see that yummy, perfect-looking piece of sausage served up on a platter of gold with all the right fixins. But what preceded that perfect moment was all manner of behind-the-scenes chaos and blood and guts and gore and loud machinery and overworked factory employees and don't forget the part about when the lease was suddenly up and the sausage had to be made out of garbage cans in the founder's ex-girlfriend's basement and so on. That's an extended sausage metaphor but you get it: it wasn't actually easy. So then the question for you, dear asker, becomes, What if YOU stop believing that raising is remarkably easy for some and crazy hard for others?

Answered a year ago

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