I have heard radio interviews and seen very successful social crowdraising campaigns, that raise their money and go onto become multi-million dollar companies, spoke with an entrepreneur who had 15 million to start for his business. While others struggle for years, or churning out idea after idea, or sit with $0 on gofundme or indiegogo. Is it luck? Talent, is it chance, a phase of astrology, is it the people you know, your credit score or earnings, the family you were born into, energy blocks. Is it neural pathways, is it if you nap like Einstein did? What is it?? I have pondered this for years. It is very hard to raise seed money. Yet some people know how to do it so well!

This is a very broad question on: 'what makes someone a successful entrepreneur?' and 'how to raise seed funding?'
Entire books have been written on how this is done, so any attempt to give you a professional answer in just a few lines would be unprofessional. Nevertheless, I will say that there are numerous factors that affect an entrepreneurs ability to raise early stage funding, among them are (in order of importance):
1. The team (how long they've been together, their skills, their past experience, their passion)/
2. existing customers / practical market research: how many existing users/clients are there. If your product/service doesn't exist yet, then how many people showed that they would buy the product/pay for the service (you can check this without actually having the product/service). this information is very important to investors (just throwing out potential numbers doesn't cut it).
3. The idea - yes, the idea only comes 3rd, as in most cases you will pivot (change the idea) at least once or twice before reaching the final version of the product/service.
4. Your connections / the amount of investors you approach.
5. Timing / luck.
If you give me more specific information (such as the type of product/service, the market, the team etc..basically your 'deck'), I will be happy to try advise you on the best way to raise money. For example, for a product, you should try avoid crowdfunding platforms unless you already have the entire manufacturing process and selling/shipping process ready. If not, you will be seeing 'fake'/copied versions of your product even before you hit the market.
Good luck

Answered 2 years ago

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