We're a mobile app that helps restaurants advertise through word of mouth. Users share their dining experience with their friends for rewards from our restaurants. We have a landing page up for email signups. How should we approach people for email signups and then get them to beta test with us? Once we have beta testers how do we keep them engaged to actively give us feedback? Thank you!

You should try to engage people using social networks, it is easier to spread than email. The conversion rate on emails are low but is still a valid tool for that. Send and email with a simple and objective message that will make people want to try.

The best way to have feedback from users is to watch them use the app. You should put them on the hands of everybody that you can and without any instrucions and just watch, don´t even say that the app is yours. Try to do it a lot.

If you want feedback from others, you can include the feedback form inside the app and suggest users to answer occasionally.

I would also strongly recommend to use a tool as Flurry Analytics. Is the best way to get data from how is the use of the application.

Pay attention to those data and be open to change your app a lot, you may need more features or cut some off to make it easier to use.

If you need more help please contact me.

Answered 7 years ago

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