I'm gathering certifications now and experience, but would like to open a consulting firm. Can you offer any advice on start up and scale please?

After spending 7 years and counting running a successful mobile app business and getting some tremendous results (7 figure revenue, installs & selling numberous mobile apps). I am doing consulting as well and the clients have found my industry experience extremely valuable.


NICHE - What is your specific market. Being a consultant in general really can say to others you are not specific in what you are consulting in. Find a niche you focus to sell on and then add additional services on the backend.

Example - I do an assessment on your mobile app business. Then share what the small tweaks you can make to improve your mobile app. Personally, I would guarantee if I can't find actionable items as I know my value or money back, I am not saying you should do the same unless you truly believe you can (most wont and it is a bold move).

If I went in and said I can do business consulting on your mobile app business, that can mean programming, design, monetization, marketing, building teams etc..... It is saying the same thing, but I am niche on the business assessments.


You really need to start and talk to the people you know. This can be personal, Facebook, LinkedIn, companies you have worked at etc...

Example - Take your phone out of your pocket, go through each contact and see how can they help you or who they know.


Creating content and showing yourself as an expert in salesforce consulting. Creating lots of content and sharing it on LinkedIn, Youtube etc... This is a time-consuming process, but so is everything else, just do it :)

Example - Writing this post, I am creating this post which my goal is to overdeliver value. It may help someone reading it, the more value I can bring to other people (paying or not paying today), I believe in the end will help my position.


You can start as an individual consultant or an agency. When it comes to scaling and demanding more money, an agency in the way to go. You will get bigger and better clients, however, the demand level is high as well.

Example - When you set your branding and website, make it about the company, not you.

I hope that helps, of course, if you want to jump on a call let me know.


Answered a year ago

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