As a freelancer should you invest 1st your money to have good tools and then reach out to your clients OR start small with what’s available online and with some clients and only then invest your money to have access to better tools?

We've started a few businesses — and I've learned from some of the best like Ramit Sethi and Noah Kagan — and here's what I've observed...

Whenever we start or grow a business, we focus on first validating the idea and then expanding it.

Thinking about scaling before actually scaling is wasted time. As one CEO told me, "if only we were so lucky." We deal with scaling issues WHEN they happen.

One small example I can give is I once started a food prep company. The first thing I did was get the food from a nearby grocery store, and my margins were low.

However, as time went on and I got more interest, I would figure out in real-time how to find the deals, what to buy in bulk, and how to increase the margins.

At the beginning I ONLY focused on creating decent food and at least breaking even. Then, once people like the food, I was able to expand and invest more money.

Start finding 3 clients. Reach out to friends of friends, your network, meetups, and more. First validate that people want your help before investing more to grow. Only grow when you run into issues of not being able to keep up with demand.

Feel free to book a call if you have any questions. I've grown a few freelancing businesses from scratch myself (including a six-figure business), and I can help you answer a lot of questions in an hour call.

Answered a year ago

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