As a freelancer should you invest 1st your money to have good tools and then reach out to your clients OR start small with what’s available online and with some clients and only then invest your money to have access to better tools?

You need to be doing three things with the initial money you make .. You should be looking into updating your "toolbox" with sensible purchases… KNOW that buying that particular tool will make your product better, or better yet, give you a edge on your competitors… do not buy something because it feels logical for the business you do... Your purchase has to have an immediate impact on your next order... Secondly, but some aside... make sure that you have a little fall back money... there will be tough times.. there will be less tough, if you prepare.... and third... REWARD yourself....or others .. make having your back.. let it be noticeable that you are making money... it doesn't have to be a Rolex.... … have a story about how you spent your first hard earned cash.

Answered a year ago

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