I've written to both sides but have received little interest. I understand unis and companies are busy. What's a better way to connect and get my idea across?

That first toehold in the market can be the toughest to get. Especially when you’re working two sides of the street.
Validating your idea is essential, but that means you’re in a listening phase more than a selling phase. Don’t simply write a blind email or two and wait for a response. You are the key to winning business in the early stages—your idea, your passion about the idea and your drive behind starting the business.
So on the university side, zero in on a handful of schools—ideally nearby—and get face-to-face meetings with relevant people. Go in ready to hear what their pains are—based on your question perhaps around connecting with corporations? Work some queries around the space you’re addressing within your conversation but do not pitch your solution.
Similarly on the corporate side, connect with relevant individuals—is it those in charge of training? You’re right, they’re busy, so a face-to-face might not work, but cold calls certainly can. Develop a concise script that focuses on listening (broad, open-ended questions) and start dialing. It is a numbers game, but you can help yourself by approaching mid-sized and smaller companies as well.
If you wish to discuss, send me a PM through Clarity for 15 free minutes.

Answered 2 years ago

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