I've been providing services (coaching, groups and classes) for over twenty-five years. I self-published a book in December 2018 and now I want to pivot my business to focusing almost entirely on products that I can sell online. I have loads of content that I can repurpose from years of being in business. Plus, I've written four blogs. My biggest issues is funding. I want to hire someone to design some products related to my book. I'm also designing an online course, but really need to hire a videographer and stylist because there are 38 modules that need to be filmed. So I am clear about exactly what I need the funds for. I prefer not to take out a loan and saddle myself with a heavy debt.

I share your sentiment, trying to productize your services.
Bootstrapping is the word that is normally used ... thus:
1. teaming to share profit/ barter trade
2. consider crowdfund as an option
3. digitize coaching as a franchising model - with technical partners' help
4. integrate current reputable apps with very low costs to instantly uplift the service quality and automate major activities.

Actually, this is what I am doing currently. Hope the above helps.

Answered a year ago

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