I've been providing services (coaching, groups and classes) for over twenty-five years. I self-published a book in December 2018 and now I want to pivot my business to focusing almost entirely on products that I can sell online. I have loads of content that I can repurpose from years of being in business. Plus, I've written four blogs. My biggest issues is funding. I want to hire someone to design some products related to my book. I'm also designing an online course, but really need to hire a videographer and stylist because there are 38 modules that need to be filmed. So I am clear about exactly what I need the funds for. I prefer not to take out a loan and saddle myself with a heavy debt.

If you have lot's of content, do yourself a big favor...

Read "How to Make Money Blogging" by Bob Lotich for $5-$10 on Amazon.

Use his trick of...

1) Run Google Ads on blog posts for 30 days.

2) Start with highest traffic page + move down.

3) Visit the page + hit refresh 10x time, recording the Ad showing up.

4) Then replace your Ad Units on this page, changing Google Ads to the actual site originating the Ad Unit identified in #3.

You'll do this by visiting the site + signing up for the site's affiliate program, so you drive traffic from your site to the Ad site directly, without Google as the Middle Man.

5) You may be very surprised about revenue you can generate with this model.

6) Start with this first, then move on to working on your courses.

Answered a year ago

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