I've been providing services (coaching, groups and classes) for over twenty-five years. I self-published a book in December 2018 and now I want to pivot my business to focusing almost entirely on products that I can sell online. I have loads of content that I can repurpose from years of being in business. Plus, I've written four blogs. My biggest issues is funding. I want to hire someone to design some products related to my book. I'm also designing an online course, but really need to hire a videographer and stylist because there are 38 modules that need to be filmed. So I am clear about exactly what I need the funds for. I prefer not to take out a loan and saddle myself with a heavy debt.

Don't film/create the products in advance. Create the course outlines/syllabi and market the courses first. Talk about your successful track record as a coach, and how you now are going to offer your training in convenient, self-paced products to provide outstanding value. (Talk about how this adds value to them, not about how it benefits you, which they don't care about). State the normal, high price for the for the products, but how you are offering a one-time, steep discount for people who pre-signup and will gain access as the products are created. Then, use this money to fund the creation of the courses. As you create modules, deliver them and ask for feedback. This way, you can incorporate feedback and improve your products as they are being created. At the end, get testimonials/referrals. Even if this initial group of customers results in breaking even (or a slight loss), you are better off than if you created the products with your own or borrowed money, and you also know that they sell on the market place, and you now have testimonials.

Answered a year ago

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