I've been providing services (coaching, groups and classes) for over twenty-five years. I self-published a book in December 2018 and now I want to pivot my business to focusing almost entirely on products that I can sell online. I have loads of content that I can repurpose from years of being in business. Plus, I've written four blogs. My biggest issues is funding. I want to hire someone to design some products related to my book. I'm also designing an online course, but really need to hire a videographer and stylist because there are 38 modules that need to be filmed. So I am clear about exactly what I need the funds for. I prefer not to take out a loan and saddle myself with a heavy debt.

Hi! I think to answer this question, really I'd want to know why aren't the services that you've been offering (coaching etc), and your self-published book not providing you with enough funds to develop your online products? Also with the products that you are supplying, are you sure that your target market really wants 38 modules? I would suggest that you first develop a shorter course maybe split into parts, then test it to see if they actually want it? And unless there's a reason, you don't need to supply all your products all at once; but instead phase them in, whilst also using the funds for your coaching business to pay for it.

Answered a year ago

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