We are three women have different skill sets. One person is a web developer, i’m a database analyst, the other person is a designer( color, graph). We are all well educated and had many years experience on our expertise. We want to start our own business. What type of business should we do?

Well... First item that comes to mind is to create a Web Design agency.

Also, you can expand into traffic + conversion management + maybe hosting + high deliverability email management... for your continuity income.

Tip: Always, always, always design your ad-hoc hourly work so this drives to continuity.

Tip: Just scan through Clarity + find Q&A threads which look like the person responding can be helpful. Then book calls with each of them to do a quick call with all 3x of you to help you rough out a design for your business.

Tip: Partner with other agencies for referral business.

Example: I focus on hosting high speed, high traffic, WordPress hosting + high deliverability, custom, email systems for clients with large lists.

I partner with many Agencies, who do traffic buys, ad buys, site design.

You might find partnering with other Agencies to be a good model for you also.

Tip: Scan Clarity for posts I've made about abusing... er, I mean hyper-using for lead generation, so once you work out your organizational details (should take no longer than a shared dinner for this), then use my Meetup lead generation techniques (mentioned in many previous answers) + you'll have more work/money than you might have imagined.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Agency work!

Answered a year ago

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