We are three women have different skill sets. One person is a web developer, i’m a database analyst, the other person is a designer( color, graph). We are all well educated and had many years experience on our expertise. We want to start our own business. What type of business should we do?

Good for you 3 to take the initiative.

Creating something based on a personal skill is a huge advantage and helps through the grinds. Every business I have created has been based on using our personal skills and it has paid off.

You may look at a digital consulting firm or one that manages everything website relate for clients.

The other option is a online business with some more technical knowledge required. I have started (and sold) several businesses that solved a personal problem that you feel.

The data Antalyst is important in building the systems for the business and making sure everything runs smooth. Example is removing repetitive manual processes which can be handled my software.

Two extra tips
1. When I started a business I looked at personal needs and wants, problem I can solve, my skills and business pontential to grow. Be clear on all requirements and evaluate a business based on that.
2. You 3 are experienced and successful. To get to the pay you have now will take time. I see this all the time, where someone earning a good salary expects that return from biz on day 1. It does not work like that. Speaking from my experience before I left my job in 2007, I had a solid side business with good income, but did take a short pay cut and worked up.


If I can help, call me

Answered a year ago

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