In software development agency most of the time work is outsourced to other development companies or freelancers. During project execution there is direct communication between client and developers. 1. There is always possibility that for future projects client will directly contact developers avoiding Agency. What precautions software development agency should take to avoid this business loss? 2. In Service Level Agreement with client for software development project is it advisable to mention development company name? If yes what related clauses should be mentioned there. 3. What things in software development project Agency should handle itself other than software coding? 4. What value addition Agency can provide to its clients? Thanks and Regards!

Agreements are useless, because there's never any way to enforce agreements.

I work for many agencies + I have one simple rule, which I cover when I onboard a new agency.

If a client tries going around the agency + coming directly to me, I refer the client back to the agency...

Because agencies always refer more business than one random client.

Simple math.

Best rule for agencies, is hire people competent enough to understand this simple math.

Answered a year ago

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