I've lived in 7 countries; and believe I have a good opportunity/client-base in two of these locations; my unique niche I have is being able to translate both language & business relations between these two places. My dilemma is where to base myself? Obviously as a lean start-up, this would affect the team I work with, the clients I'm able to meet face to face, traveling costs etc. I can't quite make a decision and was wondering what would be a good few indicators to base my business decision on.


Starting up in two countries can yield great legal benefits from a U.S. immigration perspective. Locating in multiple countries can be very useful for moving founders and employees to the U.S. later on. There are particular visa types designed to facilitate the movement of transfers between branches of a company, as well as visa targeted at assisting the movement of employees of particular foreign nationalities if the US company is owned by a foreign company or foreign individual.

I would be happy to discuss the strengths of locating in particular countries and specific corporate structuring from a US immigration perspective.

Answered 7 years ago

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