Questions is a horizontal marketplace in the legal market. we can potentially offer services in different areas. but we know that we should choose only one segment and focus on it. we have an "SME" segment and "family law" segment. each one has it Pro and Cons. it's very hard to choose one of them especially because we know we should move our focus on this segment and put all efforts on that segment. It means we should partially or fully let go of the other segment. how we can decide?

The answer probably comes down to resources. Do you have the budget and staff to go after both segments? Each will need a different sales and marketing campaign so this can sometimes be daunting when getting up and running.

If you need to pick one, which one proved your concept? Which has a stronger buyer persona? Which do you offer more value to? Also, which one can you monetize. If you're choose the same segment for each of those questions, then you have your answer.

Answered a year ago

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