Questions is a horizontal marketplace in the legal market. we can potentially offer services in different areas. but we know that we should choose only one segment and focus on it. we have an "SME" segment and "family law" segment. each one has it Pro and Cons. it's very hard to choose one of them especially because we know we should move our focus on this segment and put all efforts on that segment. It means we should partially or fully let go of the other segment. how we can decide?

It can be tough to focus on a market niche at first, especially when you believe in your solution. Yet your best results will come from focus--and you can expand later.
Key considerations for you as you make your choice:
* Where have you gotten the most customer validation for your platform? In what segment does your best customer reside?
* Where are the market shortcomings? If there are already a number of SME options cluttering the market, why jump into that space first?
* Where does your team have the most expertise? Less learning about the target market means more time to deliver what you've determined is in demand.
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Answered 11 days ago

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