We are SaaS - built a integration* for CRM like Pipedrive. We have some trial users , but we need to structure our sales process. What’s the best way to start since we do not have marketing strategy too and no team yet.


I have helped a startup scale their sales and marketing team to $4.5 million ARR so I feel like I can share a few tips.

1. Create a winning sales culture. Meaning create incentives for hitting goals. Both monthly weekly and even quarterly goals. For example if a new rep crosses 60k banked we would take them out for a custom suit and a steak. This is important as you need to keep your reps motivated.

2. Create dedicated and specialized sales teams. Create an inbound team to handle all of the hot leads. Also, create a cold calling and cold outreach team. Use your marketing department to create tons of ebooks for the sales team and ask them to use it.

3. Streamline your CRM and drill down the data as to where you are closing the deal. The company that I helped scale, used Salesforce and We track everyone's close ratio, and close ratio by lead type. Data is king.

4. Do performance reviews with all reps. Make sure that they have a clear improvement plan. Go over calls and take notes. This is crucial in the long run as it will help you when your scale your team.

5. Figure out 1 or 2 marketing channel that consistently generate leads for your startup. Allocate a marketing budget and keep it it until you start figuring out your CAC (Customer acquisition cost). This is extremely important as all of your projections depend on it.

These are some of the tips I wanted to share. If you are interested in further help, let me know as I have tons of sales enablement experience.

Also, check out this article I wrote specifically covering this topic:

Answered 6 months ago

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