Do you know if it is viable to work with a remote business partner when running an e-commerce business? Both partners have had really strong experience and success. The timeline of events are as followed; - A business partners lease ran out in Melbourne - The partner then was going to buy real-estate in Melbourne but decided to move to Korea quite abruptly with no real warning - The reason behind the Korea move is because it is cheaper - The partner wants to go there for 4 months during the startup phase of the business - If the partner has decided to do this now, what is the likelihood of them doing this again in 2-3 years - The end goal is to build an 8 figure business within 4 years which is achievable with the track record all partners have had An e-commerce business can definitely be run off a laptop but our questions are. > Is it really viable? >Will it be harder to bounce ideas and be innovative? > What objections can you see for this situation? > Will this kill momentum? > What are your immediate concerns?

It really depends on your relationship with this person, which I didn't think you mention. Do you know him and trust him?

If you trust him that's fine. The only issue I see is the time zone difference, you'll just have to work it out between the two of you.

Answered 4 years ago

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