What are the steps for that? What should I care and avoid? What can I do before and after launch ?

I would encourage you not to over-complicate at this stage of the process. Your marketing plan, as well as your business plan, will adapt and change over time as you learn more. But from the outset, there are a couple crucial things you need to consider. Here are 5 areas that you should start with:

1. Audience: As others have mentioned, is to identify who your target market is. Age, Gender, Geography, Interests, Income, Company Size, Job Title, etc. The more you know, the better.

2. Message: Once you understand who you are attempting to reach and influence, you need to define what your message is to that market. This message should be new, novel, and differentiated from other options they have relative to the solution you provide. It should also address how you solve a problem for this audience. This means you need to deeply understand this audience and what they need.

3. Channel: Once you know the audience and the message you need to pick the type of media that you will use to reach them and where you will reach them. Are you using videos, blogs, podcasts, emails, billboards, postcards? Pick the place where they already are.

4. Leads: Next, you need to identify what qualifies someone as a lead and how you will get them into your system. Will there be a form on your website? Do they have to call you? How many steps is the process? These are all questions you should answer.

5. Sales: Finally, all of your marketing efforts should result in a sale. The question then becomes how can people buy from you? Are they ordering something off of your website? Do you need to send them an agreement to begin a retainer arrangement? What does the sale look like to you?

These are just the basics. But it is a great starting point for you to begin thinking about your business from the first touch point of a prospective customer until money has been made by your business.

Let me know if you'd like to discuss this further on Clarity.

Answered 3 years ago

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