We have just launched and I wanted to get the recommendations of the community here for any suggesstions to make sure the product is seen by the people (Founders of startups with 10+ employees).

Congrats! Two thoughts come to mind immediately: first, think critically about your competitors, "like" brands, and brand heroes. These people have often done the work for you when it comes to gathering people who are interested in your product. Target accordingly—paid and social, and craft your message about the pain points your customer is experiencing right now. Ask around to find out what those are. Secondly, the word "culture" can be tricky—it means something different to each person, so consider defining it somewhere on your homepage so we understand the problem, and how you provide a solution for it. This word has proved challenging in several people and companies I've branded over the years, so just thought I'd mention it! :) Good luck with your launch.

Answered 5 months ago

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