I have worked on and I realize that I am stuck iterating on the product instead of just testing the market. I built it for me, but feel that it has commercial viability for many many others. The product aims to create a platform that saves time for the hundreds of Excel users that log into other systems for their data. Its a pretty good version 1 -

Taking a spin through the website your product does appear to have some promise. But then again, I'm not your target market.
Before you pull someone in to help you with this, you need to do some legwork:
* Who do you envision your ideal customer to be? Where do they work? What role do they have? What headaches do they have? How do they currently do the job that your product handles?
* Then connect with some of those ideal customers. Face to face is best. Don't ask them about your solution, but ask them how they do their jobs. What headaches do they have? How do they navigate different data buckets when working with Excel? How would they envision a solution?
* Compare your findings to what your product does.
* Complete the Business Model Canvas ( to get a great handle on how your business might work.
Once you've completed these steps, you'll have much more of an idea on how your product might fit in the marketplace.
And once you bring someone in to help you, you'll have a much better story to tell about your company and its product's potential.
If you wish to discuss, send me a PM through Clarity for 15 free minutes.

Answered 3 years ago

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