I have a few books about many of different genres and categories, but i have a book about addiction, i need to get out there it haunts me. But I'd like it to be copyrighted edited published and made into a book where I can mark it in myself or whatnot but first off I need copywriting and editing but the editing has to be my new minut because some of the ways I right are not in the classical form. And then I would need a publishing. I really like to speak to somebody if it's possible without having to throw my credit card on the internet. Thank you for your time reading this

Its best to have your own editor as a publishing house may given you one, but add that to the fees you will owe them. It is best to understand that it is very hard to find a traditional publisher if you are not already a published author; for beginners most authors need to pay a fee to the publisher to have their book produced. The publisher would copyright yourbook for you and give it an ISBN number. The hardest part is finding a publisher, but once you do everything is solved quickly and easily. (Note it takes about 1 year to publish a book).

Answered 5 months ago

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