A made a 12 month proposal for a SEO services for a website that streams music. It currently has around 5k artists and 50k tracks that need to be optimized. The client told me that they want to sign up a shorter contract and if they see results, we will continue working together. How to explain to them that SEO takes time and I need 1 year to execute the strategy properly?

I think the reason they're hesitant is because they're not sure if they can really compete with Spotify, Rdio, Google Music and YouTube!

Even if someone is able to stream one song they couldn't find anywhere else, 5000k artists isn't going to satisfy them for long.

Go in at 12 months if you think it's worth it, but don't do month to month on this. Personally, I would punch a sales person at my company if they sold this client SEO.

Answered 7 years ago

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