I am looking to hire someone who would be interested creating, leading and even executing marketing activites to help with growth of my Wordpress product. I have looked at the normal job posting sites but haven't really found what I am looking for. Any suggestions for the following marketing activities? Influencer Marketing Email Marketing Automation Other activities other than just SEO and PPC.

You need someone with digital marketing experience, entrepreneurial experiences, a strong command of Wordpress and digital asset management systems, and a keen mind for creativity when approaching the market. You won't find this easily from job postings. Let's be real -- most people are looking to be hired and trained for the job. You need someone who already knows what they are doing out the gate because they've done it before. These people are rare because they already have their products and know how to make money with them. Why would they spend time working on your product? Maybe because they believe in Clarity.Fm and like the challenge of helping someone else succeed... Let's chat.

Answered 3 years ago

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