I am finding new clients by telemarketing currently. I need to know how to market my service in better way or find the leads that are interested to outsource their work to my team. I am BPO service provider specialized of REO Agents in USA. We help them with their Sales/Back office.

There are two things can highly impact more clients signing up.

1. Marketing - One of the reason why people don't buy what you are selling is because they dont know you exist.

You can do cross selling and upselling - So for example if you are in helping one country back offices, can you do offer to your clients the service internationally.

Also are there key events where REO Agents hang out, what do they read.

2. Sales - When you meet a client (phone/person) are you able to close the client, or are you having a low conversion rate.

If this is the case, then ways to improve, is improving your offer, improving how to enhance your social proof.

Happy to jump on a call and to help you assess where you are at.

Answered 5 years ago

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