I've been working on setting up a social networking and social media center. I call it a direction and connection center. I want to put it in the heart of Chicago--Michigan Avenue. I have a lot of support from universities and the city and connections I have made over the last two decades. I see the need for a center like this but as I want it in a retail setting, what things should I watch out for or capitalize on or just be thinking about? One of the things to note is that I see that this type of center would appeal to a family, say a dad who needs to constantly keep up with the changing social media tools and strategies, the mom who wants to start a new business and even their kids who are into social but more for games, learning, etc. The center will not only respond to the need for learning but also the need for connection. My expertise is running networking events for years and I have run them outside of the business environment into the social side, hosting events like mini TED talks with people moving from table to table to talk about, as TED puts it, ideas that spread. (Hope this additional info helps)

Might want to think about having a small physical footprint to keep square foot costs low (maybe a booth instead of a storefront, for instance) for starters. Might also want to think of packaged programs (i.e. $19.99 for a set up of 3 social media apps on a device, a 10 minute tutorial, and a 2-page handout) so that you have something very specific and tangible to sell.
Seems like a good idea if you can get in a small space with a lot of foot traffic.
Have you thought about the all-important question of who you DON'T want to sell/market to?

Answered 7 years ago

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