I have my company that is a C-corp & NM corporation. I have a startup that I have under the existing company. I have also moved from NM to CO. I am active in both NM and CO small business and tech events, but feel like I'm not really a Colorado company at this point. But have had experiences where I applied for something in NM and was not able to because I am not a NM resident. So from a branding standpoint I am struggling with our identity. Should I keep the NM corporation as is and create a new Colorado company with the startup under it? Should I move the NM corp to CO? Really an identity and branding issue right now as I try and build my startup but also maintain the customers I have under my other company.

From an identity and branding standpoint, it sounds like your operations in the two states provide the same product or service to the same target demographic. Thus, they should stay as a unified brand as far as your look and feel, including logo, website, business cards, and social media. It's not unusual for companies to co-locate.

This is partially a legal question, so be sure to contact your accountant and lawyer about the matter.

However, it would be helpful to learn more about what your startup does in order to best solve your dilemma, including how location-dependent the service is. Would you like to set up a call so that we can dive into the issue further?

Answered 5 years ago

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