I want to mount a referral machine for my business. In Europe in general, and in Portugal in particular, most people go to realtors to buy a land to build a house. Specially when buying overseas. Being a residential architect that want to design modern vacation homes for overseas clients, one of my best options are the good realtors (unlike me, they are in contact with my potential clients almost everyday). Since they all have their “fellow architect” friend to do some freebies for them when they need it, how can I use their leverage to feed my business? I intend to mount a system/process for referrals but What’s the best strategy? Give them a commission (10% for example) of my revenue with the clients they send me?

You can base your business in mostly referrals, however, if you want to grow substantially, you should use some paid advertising to boost your revenue. It all really depends on how much you want to grow and how fast. If you are alone as an architect without staff, then referrals are a good place to begin since you can only take on so many projects at any given time.


Answered 4 years ago

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