It's a mobile screen-oriented cards game. Project of four players daily tournament on Skillz.

Hello, thanks for ask. Well, in the Web are specialized sites for coders, developers and testers. I reccomend you the three I consider best for your searching:

1.Toptal: It matches the a good percentage of freelance developers with employers. Based on your project description, you will be matched with the developer most suited for the job. You will then have two weeks to decide if they are right for you.
2. Matchist: This site connects top freelance developers with entrepreneurs and startups. You submit your project, and they will give you three great developers from which to choose. Matchist accepts only 15 percent of developer applicants to their network.
3. Guru: Guru allows you to look for specific services and people who provide them. These include general programming, language-specific programming, software, and management.

I hope this info would be useful for you.


Answered 4 years ago

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