I've been working in the Media Production for 6+ years, and i'm good at shooting (producing) commercial video. Now I find my interest and love in the commercial and creative field, and want start my own creative agency.

Video production is in super high demand and a great lucrative niche!

I would start by building up your social media channels with your work. Showing off your skills. Demonstrating your value consistently.

Next find brands that get you motivated and offer them a free video for their brand. You will find 9 outta 10 brands are always looking for high quality video. Study their social media channels and if they are not using a lot of videos odds are they dont have a source of good video production.

Offering the free video will show your skills, help the brand and make them want to hire you (if you are good) and also can also go viral. Make sure to watermark the free video.

From there you just have to seal the deal with those brand and then you can start using them as a reference to your clients and that will surely help attract high paying clients.

I have lots of other ideas here too. If you need my help along the way Im just a call away.

Answered 3 years ago

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