I’m a residential architect looking to start on my own with a small and flexible studio (with today’s tech I can put together a team when and if needed without having a fixed structure). My focus/expertise is designing modern vacation homes for overseas clients. Without tracking record how can I sell my value to clients? Should I focus on the end-user or in the realtor? (Every single business passes through a realtor) Also, to stay small I need to find different sources of incomes (other than exchanging money for time). Can a “store” of floor plans or a collection of pre-made designs (For those who don't have the time to invest in a custom design tailored to their site and program) be a good source of income? Does it bring value to the business or the opposite? I’m truly open to ideas to generate great revenue and that don’t need my work constantly, allowing myself to focus on premium projects and on a better time management to balance work-family-friends.

Chiropractors often sell supplements to drive revenue in their business. They're capped out like dentists and tradespeople on the hours they can crack backs (or 'drill and fill' as the dentists do), so supplements are a great complimentary product that doesn't eat time to fulfill. You'll see a bunch of them and doctors getting into CBD oil now. Their client base already has trust in them so these recommendations are easy to swallow heh heh.

Be looking for your version of supplements in the architectural field. Something complimentary, that your clientele already trusts you about, that you can earn a recurring income on while not using up more of your time.

One advantage I see them having over you is I presume they see more people in a day. What can you do to increase the number of people you see in a day, to leverage your
"architect authority" and drive the income stream of the complimentary product or service?

Could be as easy as loans: helping people rent money from your position as a professional.

Food for thought.

Answered 3 years ago

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