I’m a residential architect looking to start on my own with a small and flexible studio (with today’s tech I can put together a team when and if needed without having a fixed structure). My focus/expertise is designing modern vacation homes for overseas clients. Without tracking record how can I sell my value to clients? Should I focus on the end-user or in the realtor? (Every single business passes through a realtor) Also, to stay small I need to find different sources of incomes (other than exchanging money for time). Can a “store” of floor plans or a collection of pre-made designs (For those who don't have the time to invest in a custom design tailored to their site and program) be a good source of income? Does it bring value to the business or the opposite? I’m truly open to ideas to generate great revenue and that don’t need my work constantly, allowing myself to focus on premium projects and on a better time management to balance work-family-friends.

There is a lot of ways to sell your value to clients. I would start off by creating a store of pre-made floor plans.

Building the store will give you the advantage and create the oppurtunity to show your skills and also create the possibility of selling the floor plans to make money.

On this store of floor plans I would create a strong call to action that makes customers aware you can do any type of custom design they can dream of.. Using a lead magnet to capture customer info.

If these are high ticket floor plans it may take some customers days/weeks/months to pull the trigger. Make sure to have a well written and planned email funnel setup to try and convert every single lead.

I would target end users first. This will build the demand and will make it easier to attract agents.

Instagram & facebook would be ideal places to show off your work too and build a build in customer base who will help spread the word of your skills just by sharing your designs.

I have brand names that sell digital products in the same manner you are looking to do. I can help you along the way if you need my help Im just a call away.

Answered 3 years ago

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