I’m a residential architect looking to start on my own with a small and flexible studio (with today’s tech I can put together a team when and if needed without having a fixed structure). My focus/expertise is designing modern vacation homes for overseas clients. Without tracking record how can I sell my value to clients? Should I focus on the end-user or in the realtor? (Every single business passes through a realtor) Also, to stay small I need to find different sources of incomes (other than exchanging money for time). Can a “store” of floor plans or a collection of pre-made designs (For those who don't have the time to invest in a custom design tailored to their site and program) be a good source of income? Does it bring value to the business or the opposite? I’m truly open to ideas to generate great revenue and that don’t need my work constantly, allowing myself to focus on premium projects and on a better time management to balance work-family-friends.

Hi, I’m a General Contractor, licensed Real Estate Agent, and land developer. Your ultimate end user in the USA is definitely a niche clientele. Having been approached by similar vendors in my home building business, I would certainly say a portfolio of designs would help set you apart from other designers and have buyers confident in your work. On top of creating recurring revenue you could “modify” the plans for clients for a fee.

In terms of growing your business I would recommend contacting contractors with a portfolio of your work as they are essential to fulfilling a buyer’s dream. I would create your ecosystem website then offer builders to be a partner on your site to build your plans. With that, you have your foot in the door and have opened your network. Then reach out to Realtors who have vacant land listings and offer to list a completed home with your builder partner and you have yourself a home run.

I wish you the best of luck with your business!

Answered 3 years ago

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