The details hide the opportunities.
1. Does the company allow you to issue share options, or shares? Good way is to have an employee share scheme.
2. Do you have a business or product that is interesting for the positions?
3. Does your company associate with strong culture and values?
4. You need to pay them a salary that fits the market. Good to associate good performance with salary increase and bonuses, so they can grow within their performance. This point is the same for all positions.

If going for great salaries is something you cannot afford at the current stage, try to make sure they are paid at least enough so they can cover at least their living costs, be open to how money is spent within the company, so they can see that it is fairly spread. Go for performance incentives (% of profit, etc.), higher future gains (shares/options that will value a lot more in the future). This way you will also be sure that whoever works for you, believes in you or/and in your idea/product/business. And they will invest the difference for a much bigger profit in the future.

Answered 2 years ago

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