We're a team of 3 co-founders plus one full-time and one part-time person. We're about a year into the business, built a strong ecosystem of clients (B2B) & partners, have a strong brand in the local market and listened for the past year on what people need/want. We're now working on defining the business model & service offering which is led by our CREATOR on the team. It's not going as fast as I expect it to go but I'm always the light-speed mover anyway. It's extremely hard for me to accelerate things also because I don't want to push my team too hard. How do you make sure that in a creative situation (like business modeling & service design), your team moves fast, feels inspired to perform and drives the process forward?

Is it a situation, that all working for one and the same assignment, or there are various groups working independently ?
If is the first one, having in mind that the speed of the team is the speed of the slowest one, do investigate the bottleneck of that one. May be better interrelations or easing of the processes, or higher motivation, would bring the things quicker.
The Leader is that: " follow me" behavior, but also frequently visiting the rearguard and investigate their troubles.
Micro-managing from time to time, would be very fruitful and bottleneck killer approach.
all the best

Answered 3 years ago

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