I have worked with a marketing expert here on clarity and we talked about landing page and focusing on getting the user side signed up. He was very helpful and all makes sense but still not making progress. I hired a marketing person to help with messaging, but still missing something.

Where possible, I recommend getting it to work in a specific region. I.e. If this was Uber, I'd focus on London or a specific city to work on. If this was a cleaning service - I'd focus on a particular area where possible.

The stages of a successful business don't differ - your product market fit is the first most important piece of the puzzle. Together with that, if you can successfully get it to work in one place, you can then either VC fund it with real data or bootstrap it yourself and scale the operation quickly.

It would help if you gave me a bit more context on the idea, I'm sure I could get you a more detailed answer.

Landing pages are one piece only - you need to crack the other side. There is quite a bit of information online about Airbnb and how they got hosts on board with events and whatnot.

Hope that helps.

Answered 4 years ago

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