I have worked with a marketing expert here on clarity and we talked about landing page and focusing on getting the user side signed up. He was very helpful and all makes sense but still not making progress. I hired a marketing person to help with messaging, but still missing something.

To resolve this will require far more than a single phone call.

Since you haven't been able to fix this, likely you'll hire someone to help you with this.

Tip: Search Clarity for posts I've made about using Meetup.

My test of messaging is simple, I use Meetup to test my messaging. Might be giving a live talk or just giving an introduction.

My simple metric - If I get mobbed after a Meetup with people clamoring to book appointments or buy whatever I'm pitching (which is always a super soft pitch), then I consider my messaging to be good.

If there's nothing but crickets, then I have work to do.

There are all sorts of ways to test messaging.

To me, standing up in front of a group, giving a live talk is the best, because I get instant, realtime feedback from people in the room.

Answered 2 years ago

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