It has 2 parts: 1) catalogs of software products and IT development companies 2) blog. Currently, it has close to 200 000 page views monthly from blog only. I have: - web pushes ( +100 new subscribers each day, just collect them ) - email marketing is zero (I use Activecampaign) - team of 3 copywriters and 2 sales in office.

Given the information shared, there are a lot of ideas that can be explored. Below are some:

1) Pitch relevant blog advertising to IT service providers and software sellers. 200k monthly views is a good number.

2) Pitch top spots to IT service providers and software sellers in relevant category pages.

3) Since you have a lot of informative content, push the same through email marketing will work. Brand promotion can be made part of the email marketing

There are many other advertising driven monetization options can be explored without spoiling the user experience. Let's talk on phone or email ( to dig deeper.

Answered 3 years ago

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