I've been creating educational content for online business for years, have millions of views and have created over 1,000 videos. While previously providing for free, I've finally decided to try to monetize it. My problem is I have the knowledge, but struggle to organize the info into modules. Also, I am not sure what format to present the info in ie, video form, a book, slideshow, etc. I've sat down to attempt to create courses a couple times and I wind up with single chapters, 20 pages long, where I shoot off in all different directions. I also struggle with what format to release this information in. I have a tendency to ramble and also have so much info to share, I get off track and try to share it all at once as opposed to breaking it down. Any advice for a first-time course creator in terms of how to organize the info? For example, by category and short 1-3 minutes modules or larger chunks of 10 or 20 minute videos?

As Armondo said, challenge question to answer.

The book Oliver suggested might help.

And also, you might also be served to hire a coach. Someone who lives by providing information.

Be sure to choose someone with your same personality style or maybe pick an Introvert, as they tend to make more money because they come up with systems to sell without dealing with people.

Trick: When I start designing new courses, I search Udemy + print out course modules titles for related courses.

I do the same with Amazon, printing out related book Table of Contents.

Then I write an entire outline of the course first, so module titles. Then flesh out modules.

My guess is make your process less organic + more structured, so start with your entire course outline first.

Anything tangential (related + slightly off topic) goes into a file for spin off courses.

Answered 3 years ago

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