What are the most important points employers discuss when interviewing a new employee for a senior management job? I am in the transition stage, moving from a management position handling operations, sales, procurement, projects, etc, to top senior management. Any suggestions on how to prepare for interviews?

From an HR professional perspective I’d want you to have several examples to help me see how you dealt with change, financial constraint, department conflict. You know those behavioural questions everyone hates? Here is how to prepare. Recall several complex situations that may cover several questions - something difficult that involves multiple stakeholders can often be used for different questions.

To prepare think STAR - Situation, Tasks, Action and Result. You can do this thinking ahead of your interview. Then it will flow far easier.

At senior levels the fit they are looking for usually has a lot to do with your leadership style, how you manage relationships across the org, how you make tough decisions. Your stories are the best indicator of future behaviour. Also HOW you operated under stress tells the interviewer a lot about your style and whether you will fit the culture.

Some good questions you may want to ask is all about the culture, current morale, change environment, company values. Remember you want to interview them as much as they interview you!

Lastly, candidly ask the interviewer about themself and their greatest memory for working there.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need more?

Answered 4 years ago

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