I've had this business for 15 years. The markup is incredible (1,100%) and the clients are stable and pay recurring fees. The results I offer are unparalleled. In fact, I have SEO companies as my clients. But I have other priorities right now, and other types of businesses that will require my focus, and I won't be able to devote my passion to SEO anymore. What would be the best way to sell my business?

The best way is to go to tech community and offer them to buy from you.

1) Search digital marketing and SEO agencies from Linkedin and google reach out to them , put your financial analytics or revenue of your business in front of them and ask them to buy your SEO company.
Usually , a medium or large size company might be interested

2 Take your proposal in which you should mention the best things about your company, how it will be beneficial for some one who buy it. Trust me, Take written material with you and meet the tech and marketing related companies near you.

3 Email your offer to all the SEO related startups and persons who you know them can help you in this regard.

4 You can also advertise it in newspaper and classified sites which are popular in your location.

Answered 2 years ago

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